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Marco Tamietto, Principal Investigator

I hold a Ph.D in Neuroscience and I am currently Research Fellow at Tilburg University and Full Professor at University of Turin. I have been also invited visiting scientist at the department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford (2015-2107; sponsored by Em. Prof. Weiskrantz); Honorary member of SCR Magdalen College Oxford, University of Oxford (2016-2017); Visiting fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advances Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS-KNAW) (2018).

My studies concern the functional and structural neuroanatomy of the human visual system and emotion perception. I combine neuroimaging methods with psychophysics and I am particularly interested in patients with cortical blindness and in patients with hemispatial neglect.

My studies are supported by the Vidi grant from NWO, by the FIRB 2012 from the MIUR and by a ERC consolidator grant 2017 from European Union, Horizon 2020.

Alessia Celeghin, Post-doc

I got my Ph.D. working on patients with hemianopia and blindsight under the supervision of prof. Carlo Alberto Marzi. I have been collaborating with prof. Beatrice De Gelder at Maastricht University, prof. Alain Ptito at McGill University Health Centre and prof. Luiz Pessoa at Maryland University with frequent work visits. My research interests concern visual awareness and affective neuroscience. 

I investigate the neural correlates of conscious and non-conscious vision and emotion perception, as well as the neural bases of inter-hemispheric transfer and integration of information in both, healthy subjects and clinical populations. I am particularly interested in the comprehension of the small- and large- scale network interactions and their role in modulating visual and emotional awareness.

Methodologically, I master, and often combine, psychophysics and fMRI techniques.

Matteo Diano, Post-doc

I got myPh.D. in Neuroscience with a thesis entitled “Bridging the gap: benefits and limitations of functional connectivity” under the supervision of Prof. Giuliano Carlo Geminiani. My main collaborations are with Prof. Franco Cauda, Prof. Beatrice deGelder and Dr. Enrico Premi (Stroke Unit, Vascular Neurology).

For my master thesis I spent one year at the Neuroimaging Center in Groningen (NL), for a collaborative project with Prof. Christian Keysers and Dr. Leonardo Cerliani. As Ph.D student I spent one year at Maastricht University, collaborating with Prof. Beatrice de Gelder and Prof. Rainer Goebel. I am currently working as a post-doc at the University of Tilburg under the supervision of Prof. Marco Tamietto. 

My research focuses on emotional processingand brain plasticity following brain damage using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) as a main investigating tool. My interests are related to profile the functional (fMRI) and structural (Diffusion Weighted Imaging) connectivity, using advanced tractography techniques, to investigate the neural network involved in emotion processing. 

Arianna Bagnis, PhD Student

I am currently in my second year of a Ph.D. programme in Psychological, Antropological and Educational Sciences. I have a bachelor degree in Psychology (University of Genova) and a master degree in Mind Science (University of Torino). 

My main research interest concerns understanding how social factors influence the perception of emotional stimuli and their neural correlates. I am currently working on a quantitative meta-analysis of fMRI studies on racial bias. I am also interested in the neuroanatomy of conscious and non-conscious perception of emotion from facial and bodily expressions.

Ylenia Camassa Nahi, Research Assistant

I hold a Master degree in Mind Science and my master thesis dealt with neural correlates of the conscious and non conscious perception of emotions. I am currently doing my post-graduate internship at Rehabilitation Center, San Camillo Hospital where I am engaged in the assessment and rehabilitation of neuropsychological patients following focal brain lesions. 

My research interests are concerned with affective neuroscience and the clinical neuropsychology. I am particularly interested in the study of the neural networks for conscious and non conscious perception of emotions from facial expressions, as well as in the study of emotional processing following stroke.


Carlos Andrés Méndez Guerrero, Post-doc

I hold a PhD from the faculty of Computer Science at the University of Verona. Before studying in Italy I obtained a Masters degree (MSc) in Biomedical Engineering in Vienna, Austria.
My research has been concerned with Medical Image Analysis methods. In broad terms during my PhD I focused on two main areas: the first one is methodologies for the fusion of information derived from multi-modal MRI sources. The second area was concerned with pattern recognition strategies in medical images. 
As a postdoctoral researcher I have worked with semi-supervised clustering strategies for brain tissue segmentation based on microstructural models in diffusion MRI.

Currently I use Deep Learning methods, particularly Convolutional Neural Networks, to model subcortical visual pathways.


Fabiola Diana, Research Assistant

I took a master's degree in Body and Mind science and the research project for my thesis concerned the facial emotion recognition after a traumatic brain injury, investigated by gaze tracking. I am currently doing a post-graduate internship at the Department of Psychology, where I assist the team in carrying out the various projects.

My research interests concern the whole sphere of affective neuroscience, in particular the conscious and non conscious elaboration of emotions and how this aspect can change after a brain injury.

Benedetta Zattera, PhD student


I am currently in my first year of a Ph.D. programme in Psychological, Antropological and Educational Sciences. My PhD project is aimed to investigate blindsight through primate animal model -  in particular residual motion perception blindsight. 

I did my bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science (University of Trento) and my master's degree in Cognitive Neuroscience (University of Trento - SISSA joint programme). My master thesis was aimed to investigate the behavioural and electrophiysiological evidences of motion integration in rats.

My main research interest concerns the visual system and, more specfically, the dorsal stream, investigated through electrophysiology.


Brian Ocak, PhD student


I am currently in my first year of PhD in Psychological, Anthropological and Educational Sciences. I am studying blindsight in human and non-human primates through fMRI and behavioral studies.

I hold a B.Sc. in Bioinformatics (Université Paris 7 Diderot) and a M.Sc. in Systems and Synthetic Biology (Univerité Paris-Saclay). For my thesis, I studied mouse spatial navigation under the supervision of Dr. Christoph Schmidt-Hieber at the Pasteur Institute. I also worked one year at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics (Germany) on a project aiming at artificially rewiring the two hemispheres of spit-brain mice to restore bilateral visual perception.

My main research interest is studying consciousness. I am interested in understanding how neurons process information to create perception. I have very good skills in
molecular biology, electrophysiology, animal training/surgery and programming (data analysis, machine/deep learning, PsychToolbox, etc.).

Claudia Ajello, Research Assistant


I did my bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science (University of Trento) and my master's degree in Body and Mind Science (University of Turin). My master thesis concerned the neural and psychophysiological correlates of non-conscious perception of social emotions investigated by fMRI and pupillometry".

During the first part of my post-graduate internship at Martini Hospital (Neurology Unit – Turin), I was engaged in the cognitive assessment of  neurological patients with neurodegenerative diseases. Now, I am currently doing the second part of my post-graduate internship at the Department of Psychology, where I collaborate with Prof. Tamietto’s lab in various projects.

My research interests focus on conscious and non-conscious perception of social emotions in healthy people as well in patients with neurological diseases using, in particular, pupillometry as a measure of emotions processing.

Matteo Panormita, Research Assistant


Raffaella Marcuz, Lab Manager


Undergraduate Collaborators

  • Serafino Bianco

  • Federica Natullo

  • Blanca Tasso

  • Aura Turco